Our team

Our team has decades of experience as entrepreneurs, advisors, corporate executives and board directors. We are passionate about accelerating the growth of our portfolio businesses. 


Dynamk Partners and Team

Mario M. Kranjac

Founding Partner, General COunsel

Reinhard Vogt

Managing Partner


Dr. Gustavo Mahler

Venture Partner

Sebastien Latapie, MBA

Senior Venture Associate


Dynamk Capital has assembled a team of Advisors with deep expertise in life sciences and biotech business operations, technology and manufacturing, as well as venture, private equity and deal assessment. These advisors are domain experts in bioscience, discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutics, bioprocess tools and services and platform technologies.  We leverage our broad network of subject matter experts for opportunity assessment and supporting the growth of the companies in our portfolio.


Kevin Bailey, Ph.D.

Former Vice President, Process Development and Preclinical Manufacturing, Regeneron

Anthony Maddaluna

Former President, Pfizer Global Supply, Pfizer, Inc.                        


Barry Buckland, Ph.D.

CEO, BiologicB LLC,  Former Vice President, Bioprocess Research & Development, Merck & Co., Inc.

Our Partners

Dynamk partners with domain experts, providing valuable guidance to our fund.


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