Our passion and dedication for growing businesses are rooted in years of our own entrepreneurial ventures. Combined with our corporate experiences, this lends us the perspective of scaling businesses, identifying and understanding potential strategic partners and actively cultivating exit pathways. 

Dynamk invests in start-up and growth companies as well as those yet to reach full potential. We partner with entrepreneurs and their teams to overcome inflection points in growth. 

We believe in building value side by side with our portfolio companies through focused operational and commercial guidance and an engaged approach to supporting entrepreneurial ventures.  


How we make ideas grow

We seek out high growth opportunities with capital requirements too small for most funding sources.  Target companies represent a major breakthrough in sector, enabling dramatic enhancements for customers and resulting in rapid growth trajectories.

Biopharma is one of largest and fastest growing segments of the global economy but most investments are in capital-intensive businesses subject to long development cycles.  Dynamk participates in the growth of Life Sciences Tools and Services, making small capital investments with low exposure to regulatory risk. 

Our experience in founding, operating and exiting our own ventures adds value to our portfolio companies. We work hand-in-hand with management as board members and trusted advisors, actively cultivating exit pathways to produce results for our investors.

We have created a vast network of entrepreneurs, executives and experts in the Life Science sector.  Our deal flow comes primarily from individuals we know well and we are generally the first institutional investor to meet with management teams.

Selecting investments with the greatest probability for success is our first job.  Our experience, combined with that of our advisors, helps us identify companies that provide better, faster, cost-effective solutions to their customers’ discovery, development and production challenges.