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We invest in companies enabling the future of biotechnology, immunotherapy and life sciences. 



RNA Splicing Analytics + Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery

Cancer and genetic diseases affect more than 30million people a year.  Envisagenics' mission is to reduce the complexity of biomedical data to accelerate the development of innovative therapeutic solutions through RNA splicing analytics and artificial intelligence.


Acoustic Cell handling & BIOPROCESSING

FloDesign Sonics' Acoustic Separation Technology is unique, disruptive, and broad-based.  FDS is set to disrupt bioprocessing and immunotherapy delivery, reducing cost and improving access to life-saving therapies, by enabling closed, automated, and gentle cell processing.



We bring real experience to our entrepreneurs and portfolio companies, having taken our own ventures through startup, growth, licensing, and mergers & acquisitions.  We actively cultivate exit pathways and work hand in hand with our entrepreneurs, providing insights, strategy, business and product development and commercial execution support.  


We go beyond capital for our portfolio companies, providing strategy and commercialization insights and plans, recruiting key team members, links to key opinion leaders and helping to build on the momentum and ideas our entrepreneurs have created. Beyond our team’s capabilities we leverage our global network to bring the best and brightest domain and subject matter insights to our portfolio companies.

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