Dynamk Advisory Team Announced

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Dynamk Capital, a venture fund providing early stage and growth capital to innovative Life Science tools and service providers, announces their all-star list of advisors.  Dynamk has paved the way for startups with disruptive technologies and services to gain vital capital to reach the next phase.   Dynamk’s partners have leveraged its network of fellow entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders and disrupters in creating a team of advisors to help ensure sound strategic decisions aimed at maximizing returns for investors.     

When assembling the team, Dynamk sought domain experts with deep technical knowledge, a proven track record of successful businesses, and most of all, a keen sense of where the industry is trending.  The advisor list is a who’s who of widely respected experts in their field:

·       Kevin Bailey, PhD.; Former VP, Process Development and Preclinical Manufacturing, Regeneron.  Kevin brings his experience in preclinical manufacturing and process development areas where he has had extensive experience developing new products, processes and evaluating new technologies. 

·       Barry Buckland, PhD.; CEO, BiologicB, LLC and former VP, Bioprocess R&D, Merck and Co., Inc. In addition to his years of experience in bioscience and discovery, Barry is a constant source of early stage technologies through his vast industry network and as President of Engineering Conferences International (ECI).

·       Anthony Maddaluna; Former President, Pfizer Global Supply.  Anthony brings his experience in diligence and evaluating the merits of new technologies to be deployed into cGMP manufacturing operations. 

·       Gustavo Mahler, PhD.; CEO, CMC Biologics / AGC Asahi Glass.  Gustavo is an expert in biologic development and manufacturing; in his most recent role, he is directly responsible for evaluating and implementing cutting edge technologies. 

Barry Buckland commented, “Dynamk Capital has an important role to fill in the Biopharmaceutical industry by making strategic investments to accelerate commercialization of innovative tools and technologies.“

General Partner Daniella Kranjac commented, “The team of advisors will bring insights on best practices and operational excellence needed for early stage companies.  They are also well aware of all the key players likely for exiting to and how innovative technologies can fill gaps in their portfolios.  This will ensure that companies which are highly likely to succeed are brought into the fund and will be best positioned to exit with maximum returns.” 

Kevin Bailey commented, “Dynamk Capital has the rare opportunity to help accelerate research, development and manufacturing in the biopharma industry by identifying companies with disruptive new technologies and facilitating getting them into the hands of those who will bring new products and hope to patients.” 

Dynamk Invests in FloDesign Sonics, Game-Changer for Cell Therapy Production

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, January 10, 2018 - Dynamk Capital, a life sciences venture capital fund, today announced an exciting new investment in advancing the commercial production of CAR T and immunotherapies by adding FloDesign Sonics to its growing portfolio. Dynamk’s portfolio companies provide technologies and services that enable biopharmaceutical companies around the world to develop therapeutics faster and produce them more economically.

Dynamk Capital led the Series A2 round alongside other investors. FloDesign Sonics, a life science company, applies acoustic wave separation to challenges in cell handling…

Dynamk Invests in Envisagenics A.I. Drug Discovery

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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, November 28, 2017 - Dynamk Capital, a recently launched life sciences venture capital fund, today announced an exciting new investment in early drug discovery by adding Envisagenics, Inc. to its growing portfolio. 

Dynamk Capital invested $500,000 in Envisagenics, leading the $2.25 million seed round alongside other investors. Envisagenics, a life science company applies artificial intelligence to the genetic sequence of patients to discover new therapies.  Its proprietary cloud-based discovery platform SpliceCoreTM uses machine learning to prioritize new drug target candidates from patients’ RNA. 

Daniella Kranjac, co-founder and managing director of Dynamk Capital, said, “Envisagenics is disrupting traditional drug discovery through applied machine learning and AI.  We are excited to see the commercialization of SpliceCore enable biopharma leaders to accelerate critical discovery efforts for life-saving therapeutics.”

Dynamk Capital Announces First Closing

Dynamk Capital Announces First Closing

Dynamk Capital Announces First Closing and Launch of Life Sciences Venture Fund

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynamk Capital has announced a first close for its venture fund providing early stage capital to innovative companies providing tools, technologies and services within the Life Sciences sector.   The fund is on track for a final close in 2018 and expects to invest in 8-10 companies over the next several years.  Since founding in 2016, Dynamk has been actively cultivating deal flow as well as relationships with limited partners and strategic investors. 

“We are excited about the strong support of the fund at this early stage, especially among leaders in the sector,” said Daniella Kranjac, Managing Partner of Dynamk Capital.  “Investors in our fund will be provided with the opportunity to engage in the discovery and production of life-saving therapies, and ultimately making these medicines more accessible.”  

Daniella Kranjac joins Stevens Institute of Technology Board of Trustees

Daniella Kranjac of Dynamk Consulting LLC and Dynamk Capital Advisors joins the Stevens Institute of Technology Board of Trustees as a charter member.  

About Stevens:  Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation University® is a premier, private research university in Hoboken, NJ overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  Stevens is home to three national research centers of excellence, as well as joint research programs focused on innovation in: healthcare & medicine, sustainable energy, financial systems, defense & security and STEM education.